where is my menu button

where is my menu button

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When you’re dining out, the menu button is a great way to ensure that you get your order right away. It’s also a great way to check to see if you’re still sitting at the table or if you’re still standing.

The problem is that the menu button is usually on the right side of the screen. When youre on your phone or tablet you have a tendency to get lost in your menus and forget to scroll to the right. That makes the menu button a lost man/woman.

I’m not going to get into all of the reasons that we should be using the menu button, but I will say this: Its more important than you think. As we all know, its a very useful tool. Why? Because when you’re on your phone you can’t see the menu button.

The reason that I’m using the menu button is because I have a tendency to forget to scroll to the menu button on the phone. I am in fact not on the menu button any more than I am on the phone. It seems like a waste of time to have to scroll to the menu button.

Thats a great reason, but it goes deeper than just forgetting to scroll to the menu button on your phone. Its the fact that the menu button has never been designed with scrolling in mind. So now it has to scroll itself to get to the menu button. I call these menu button scrobbings.

Yes. And it is a big reason why scrolling to the menu button is such a problem. The menu button is just a placeholder for all the menus that we have. Even the ones we don’t have, like the ones we don’t have a menu button for. Which leads me to the next point.

Menu button scrobbings are pretty common on the iPhone. They can come in handy for things like getting into places without the phone. It also tends to solve the scrolling problem. But they can also be a huge pain with the menu button by having to scroll to the menu button to get to it. So we’ve come up with a new, improved method for menu button scrolling that is far more user-friendly and solves the problem.

We’re now using a new method to scroll through the iPhone interface. Instead of having to manually scroogie through all the menu items to get to the menu button, we now have a quick way to find the menu button through the menu items. Just press and hold down the Home button to bring up the menu button and then pressing and holding down two fingers on the screen to scroll. This method is far more user-friendly and scrolls in a much more smooth manner.

So far it takes three taps to get to the menu button.

It’s good to be able to take a shortcut like this. It makes things a lot quicker, and a lot easier to just press down and hold to scroll through the app menu.

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